Die Sinking

Die Sinking Eroding EDM

Blind keyways, splines, blind hex shape and other complex profiles that would be difficult or impossible by any other method can be obtained by Die Sinking EDM / Spark Eroding.
Using Spark Eroding we can remove broken drill and taps.
Small hole can be sparked instead of using a drill.

Cracks can be eroded in material to test NDT equipment.
Internal hole can be obtained using Die Sinking EDM / Spark Eroding.
We can puncture a hole inside a workpiece.

Our new and largest EDM Die sinker have work table (LxW) 3100mm x 1100mm.

Working range, travel: X 2550, Y 1000mm and Z 600mm.

Read more about our largest EDM spark machine:  Tungt.no (Norwegian)

In one of our Die Sinking EDM machines we have indexable C-axis, we can spark maximum workpiece dimensions:
Working range, travel: X 2200mm, Y 1000mm and Z 600mm.
Work Table (LxW): 2250mm x 1100mm.

Read more about our large EDM die sinker machine: Klikk.no

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